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A first post…

November 17, 2009 2 comments

So I just set this crazy blog up.  So far I’m a fan of WordPress and all the ‘stuff’ I have available to me. 

Right now I am at Great Lakes Coffee and Chocolate right here in downtown Lansing.  As I look across the room I see a spectrum of people who I feel embodies Lansing.  To my left is a hip dressed college age kid who looks like he studying.  Across from me is what appears to be a sophisticated, and wealthy man and woman having what looks like an engaging discussion, while the man also works on his laptop.  He also keeps stroking his graying beard.  I’d almost peg him as a stereotypical old professor type.

Then comes the real heart-wrencher.  There is a man who is sitting in here, drinking a coke.  He has been drinking this same 12 oz. coke for a good 30 minutes now.  sip…. sip….sip… and he seems to slowly savor each sip.  The reason (I assume) is because something as commonplace to most of us a drinking a coke is a treat to this man.  He is wearing what looks like an old black sweatshirt, and overalls.  He also has a little basket on wheels with him, that has blankets, a winter coat, and what looks like a plastic garbage bag all stuffed into it.  I suspect he is here just to be somewhere warm, and enjoy that coke.  I feel for him.  I think I’m going to give him my sandwich.