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Keepin’ the pipes clean. We Salute You.

If you have been in Michigan anytime in the last 200 years, you have probably had some type of plumbing issues.  Whether it was needing a functional sump pump in your basement, having a pipe freeze in winter, or the everyday busted toilet, you know what I mean.  We’ve all been there, done that, and don’t want to deal with it ever, ever again.  

Well today I want to suggest that if you come across any of those types of issues, whether big or small, get in touch with the guys over at Hedlund Plumbing.  They are owned/run by two brothers who have had plumbing in their genes from two generations before them!  (No they aren’t Mario and Luigi).  They are actually Bob and Tom Hedlund.  They are great to work with, and they take their work very seriously.  If something turns out to be wrong with their work, they come out and make it right.  They are confident enough in their work to say that they will guarantee it for sevearal years!

You can find hedlund plumbing online at:

They’ll get you fixed up right, and won’t make your wallet look like that pipe up there in the process.


Why do YOU Choose to Stay?

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

If you were asked ” Why do you chose to live in Michigan?”, what would you say?

Well I was sent an email that contained a link to the Pure Michigan campaign’s website where you could answer that exact question.

Here’s what I said.

When asked “Why did you stay?” from a friend, or co-worker asking me why I graduated from Michigan State University, and ended up living & working in Lansing Michigan my answer is simple.  “I love it here.”

To an outsider Michigan may seem like it is stacked wall to wall with abandoned factories, run down people, and a few farm fields.  I see incredible opportunity.  I see a laundry list of experiences we can have.  All someone needs to do is watch one of the Pure Michigan ads to see beautiful places to travel to.

Not to mention the people in this state.  When I interact with people every day around the greater Lansing community I hear values of business people just wanting to help, professors eager to teach and develop students, young professionals eager to launch into new ideas and fields, and many other great types of people eager to serve.  This state has a backbone to it.  A Resolve that will not break.

I look forward to a time when I can raise my family here in Michigan.  A time when I can take them to see the great lakes.  When we can camp ‘up north’.  When I can walk through a safe community that I am glad to call home.

It’s those values, those natural resources and the experiences that are available all around us that drew me to stay.  In my humble opinion, it would have been foolish for me to go anywhere else.

What would you say?   Click here to answer for yourself:

(and leave a comment below because I am curious)

April 15th is creeping toward us…Ick! What is your gameplan?

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m baaaack!   2010 has started with a bang, and so life as we know it has been offline much more than I intended lately.  I feel bad, that I have been leaving you all high and dry with only one post in 2010 so far, and that was on 1/1/10!  Not to mention, I have had less blog hits this whole year so far, than I had in some hours last month…  Anyway,  Read on!

The dreaded day that All Americans dread dealing with is fast approaching. Tax day. Anyone who earned a buck or two in 2009 has to tell Uncle Sam what they have been up to over the last 12 months. (Otherwise men in dark suits looking like the blues brothers will spring up out of the ground and impose their initials on you:  I, R, and S).

So what do you do about getting all your stuff ready and get your taxes done? Well some of you who will read this will be the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ type. You are someone who uses turbo tax, or taxcut software, or whatever package to do your own taxes. If your life is that simple 1. I am jealous, and 2. awesome! If your thing is to do your own then this referral isn’t so much for you.

I would suggest that you sit down with a CPA to have them prepare your taxes with you/for you. Some things are just too complicated and time-consuming to do yourself. This is one of them. It may cost a few bucks but you will be VERY happy you had a CPA prepare your taxes when it comes time to deal with an Audit.

Who should I go to? Well, If you are in the greater Lansing area, I would say, head over to Okemos to see R. Joshua Girth, CPA of Flintoff & Klein CPAs. You can reach Josh at 517-347-0330, OR email him at

The biggest tip I can offer though, is DON’T Procrastinate!

Connecting ‘young’ people up all around Greater Lansing

December 16, 2009 1 comment

Hi all!  It’s been a while since my last referral on here, let alone any posts.  So now I am back and hope to start off with a great group to be a part of in the greater Lansing area.

The group I speak of is Grand River Connection.  They are an organization that consists of young professionals from all over Mid-Michigan.  I would also say that ‘young’ is treated lightly as there are some people there who fit more of a ‘grey hair’ profile than a young up and coming individual.  They have a flagship event which is their 4th tuesday networking events.  These happen (as you would guess) on the 4th Tuesday of every month (unless there is a holiday or something).

Those events and a lot of the smaller events they hold in between are great opportunities to meet and get to know SO MANY young people with fresh new ideas, enthusiasm about their budding careers, and drive to collaborate with others.  I think if you are under 35 you should try to make it out to all of their 4th Tuesday events.  You won’t regret it!

Grand River Connection’s website is:

A Natural and Safe Choice?

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Well it’s been about a week and a half since you got ‘floored’ by my referral for flooring (See this Page ) and now you have the perfect new carpet through your house.  So what do you do to clean and maintain said carpet over time.  Well you could have a bunch of chemicals sprayed through it and scrubbed into your carpet, which is what most places would do.  If you have kids, or pets, or anyone in the house with allergies, or are sensitive to smells, I would suggest otherwise.

Today’s Referral is Natural Carpet Cleaning.  They work all around the greater Lansing area to clean carpets (and other floors) naturally.  They are actually safe to have around your family.  That’s cool.  You won’t walk into your house and smell a bunch or funky chemical scents left behind from traditional carpet cleaning methods.  The best part is that they don’t HAVE to clean a whole house, or even a whole room.  They can help with jobs as little as helping with a specific stain, or spill.

You can find them online at : or email the owner Ryan at