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Does Your Back Hurt From all That Shoveling This Morning?

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

If so, I say, go see a chiropractor!  Even if it’s just this once.  You will feel so much better!

And since I already gave a shout out to Health Zone a few months ago I will turn my attention a little farther south down Okemos Rd.

Another great Chiropractor in town is Dr. Sarah Tietsort at Okemos Chiropractic Health Clinic. She is a huge advocate for taking care of her patients, and has a unique passion for helping keep peoples spinal and overall health optimized starting from infancy.  She loves working with young children and babies.  What better way to keep your kid healthy than starting them off as good as they can be!

You can find Dr. Sarah & her staff online at:

Happy Shoveling!


Adjusting to a Healthier Life

November 24, 2009 1 comment

Today I am looking forward to getting adjusted tomorrow. So today’s referral is going to be Dr. Sylvester and Dr. Beth at HealthZone Chiropractic in Haslett. They are great! I really do enjoy whenever I am in their office to get adjusted. They both love the work they do, and truely care for their paitents. I would gladly recommend that even if you’ve never given chiropractic a try before that you checkthem out. They will educate you until you feel like you should be awarded a D.C. If you want them to. They are great people, and on top of that you get all the health benefits from being adjusted.

You can find them at