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Your New Zodiac Sign? So what?

January 13, 2011 1 comment

OMG!  Alert the presses! Your Zodiac Sign Changed!?

In case you haven’t been paying attention people have been freaking out all over facebook and twitter about a new Zodiac sign as reported by different blogs, news sites, and articles online.  ( for example: )  So if your birthday falls in one of the groups of dates that changed signs people are saying that their identity is being changed.

So what?  What does it change?  I dare say it doesn’t change a thing.  If you were stubborn before, or carefree or maybe a flirt you will still be that same person today, and tomorrow and maybe even moving forward if you don’t grown into something different over time.  If you are a socialite, or a loner, or an odd mix in between that is part of who you are.  That isn’t something determined by the stars or when you were born.

If you were someone who took your daily horoscope and tried to make it fit into your day ta-da they were all wrong.  all the more reason i feel like they are bullocks.  It would seem that a writer/astronomer with the Discovery channel somewhat agrees with me:

What are your thought?

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