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Authentic, Elegant, The House is You.

Hi again everyone!

Have you ever wished there were little features of your house that looked, or functioned differently.

“I wish the yard didn’t drain back to the garage”

“I wish the porch overhang was supported better so it didn’t sag in the middle”

“I hate the way the siding looks on that part of the house”

“Why does our house look so much worse than the neighbors?  It’s like it just doesn’t fit the neighborhood”

Have you ever had a thought run through your head that sounded something like that?  You probably missed something when you built/designed your house.  Or worse yet, has THIS happened to you?

That is where my referral for today would have come in to help.  If you have, or could find yourself in this situation, I would encourage you to get in touch with Dan, the owner of East Arbor Architecture.  He is out of Mid-Michigan and Working with an architect that appreciates little details will help you be, and ultimately stay satisfied with your hosue.  Oh, and P.S. Dan LOVES older houses, and older buildings.  Once you meet him you’ll see why his work is ‘Authentic, Elegant, East Arbor.’

You can find Dan and EastArbor online at:


An Image you Couldn’t Imagine

Today I want to talk about a business woman with an eye for well…everything. Shelley Davis Mielock is the owner of Mieshel Image Consulting, which as the name suggests is an image consulting business which Shelley runs out of my favorite Mid-Michigan metropolis: Lansing!

Shelley not only can help someone with the way they present themselves from a fashion standpoint (a professional suit for a business person for example), but also focuses alot on peoples behaviors, and communication styles as well.  She gives public lectures on various topics as well as private coaching where she can work one on one with someone.

If you are a professional, businessperson, male or female you could benefit from meeting with Shelley.   Check out Mieshel Image Consulting online at:



At the Movies Armed and Ready

August 13, 2010 1 comment

Today I am going to talk about Cinema Soldier.  A blog run by my friend Jeff that covers all things movies and films.  Any page with a whole section called “Awesome” deserves quite the shout out.

Any time I have a conversation with a friend about going to see a new movie, the thought “I should read the review on Cinema Soldier” goes through my head.  Anytime you want to catch a cool new trailer, find fun facts on new films, or a candid review about whether or not a movie meets all the hype or not, jump over and give Cinema Soldier a read.

You can find Jeff and Cinema Soldier online at:!/cinemasoldier

Happy Film Watching everyone!

Get your travel on.

August 12, 2010 1 comment

Today I am going to talk about a great place to go if you are someone who likes to take trips all over the place. I for one haven’t done a ton of international travel (other than my 2006 study abroad to China)…..yet.  I don’t count my countless trips to Canada to see family.  I have gone all over different parts of the U.S. though, so I do have some travel experience.

STA Travel East Lansing

STA Travel East Lansing

You could want to just do something as small as book a flight to Chicago for the weekend.  You could want to plan out a 3 month long journey around Europe with nothing more than a backpack and a titanium spork.  As long as your travel plans don’t involve a stop at the moon the folks over at STA Travel in East Lansing can help you get your trip figured out, booked, and in order.

They will do everything they possibly can to make sure your travel experience is everything you want it to be.  From researching hotels, or hostels to stay at, to working with your group that you are traveling with, to helping update stuff as your trip is in progress (hopefully they won’t have to though).  Their staff is very up-beat and friendly.  A friend of mine I sent there recently  said “They were soo nice and helpful”.  That says it all.

So if you want to get in touch with them you can find them on the web at: or email them  at:

(and if you are a student, they can really hook you up…. Bonus!)

Happy Travels people!

The (red) workhorse behind the creativity.

Hey all,

Today I’m going to talk about Lisa, who as I put it in my title is the workhorse behind Red Horse Creative.  Lisa is a business woman who has taken her love for horses, art, design and drawing and combined them into her graphic design business: Red Horse Creative.

Red Horse Creative

Whether you just need a logo designed, or help putting together something a small as a brochure Red Horse Creative can help take the thoughts in your head, and visually turn them into a logo, ad campaign, banner, or whatever else may help your business.  Give em’ a try!  you won’t be dissapointed!

You can find Red Horse online at or on their facebook fan page at: