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Difference in a frame of mind.

Hey everyone,  (yeah, you… both of you…)

Just a quick, interesting thought about a conversation I heard on the radio this morning.

I was hopping through the presets on my radio dial trying to find something that wasn’t commercials and popped in on a conversation that the two radio DJ’s were having on 88.1 SmileFM about how this is a full week for people going back to work, but how excited kids must be that school is getting out.

Pick One!

There wasn’t a whole lot else to the conversation that I caught because I had arrived at my stop but It got me thinking:

Of all the things they could have picked to talk about, they picked something happy/uplifting.

They could have easily complained about traffic, construction, oil in the gulf or a whole host of other things, but they did not.  I thought that was great.

So where I am going with this thought is that their perspective and the thing(s) they focused on totally changed my perspective and my mood.  So in all the stuff you have going on, be thoughtful (ha, ha) of where your thoughts are drifting, and you can definitely change the way your day goes.

Have a good one!