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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! …Now put that thing down!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

What an absolutely beautiful weekend in Lansing we have had. (or #lovelansing if you are on twitter)  This is a time where friends get together to play games, swim in pools for the first few times of the year, and enjoy each others company.  It is a time when people go “up north” to the lake, or the cabin, and spend time on the water, in the woods, or just relaxing in front of a bon fire.  There could be yard work, and grilling, or there could be parades, and memorial services.  Any number of activities will line the agenda for the weekend.

Whatever it is you spend time doing this weekend, I bet you saw the same thing I saw (and did) at times.  You spend all this time, emotion, energy, and hype building up how you get to spend time with friends or family, and when you got around them what do we all do?

We sit on our phones and text message our friends that are not around.  We update our Foursquare and Twitter accounts saying where we were.  We sent pictures of the days events to Facebook and Flickr.  We dissapear in a sense into the chatty kathy world that is our social media networks, and phase out of the world that holds the events we spend the weekend doing.

I for one (prompted by some friends) have been trying very hard to keep the phone put down when I am in one of those situations where my attention should be fully on the people I am with, or the event I am doing.  So if you see me out and about, playing on the phone, and I should be engaged in conversation or living in that moment i’m in, feel free to say something.  I’ll gladly put it away and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Thanks to our Armed forces people.  To all my friends who have served, I’m glad you made it back.  Thank You!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend boys and girls!

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