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Get more than just a haircut.

Today’s post is a COOL idea from what sounds like a great place!  I have been told of this place by quite a few people, but it was when I was able to investigate on facebook today that I was sold on the coolness of this idea.  Today I am definitely suggesting you check out HIS Barber Shop over in Okemos.

Here is the description of the barber shop from their facebook groupsite.

“This is more than just a barber shop I intend with God’s help to remind people of his faithfulness to meet our needs even during what the world calls hard times, also this will give you a comfortable enviornment if you wish to discuss your walk with Christ and I will do the same and together we can all grow as children of God”

How cool is that?! Plus if you know a pastor or a priest he will cut his hair for free!  Talk about an act of faith to start a business and hold your neck out there like that!

So go get your haircut and have a conversation with the owner about the shop!  Sounds like a great idea to me!


  1. Rachel
    March 10, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    Wish I didn’t want all the fancy stuff I get at Salons! This place sounds great! I will send my hubby that way!

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