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Full Gyms, Intimidating Instructors? No More I say.

Have you ever gone into your local gym or intermural sports center, and decided today was the day you were going to start working out, or start getting in shape?  Or you ordered some new-fangled gadget strait off the late night TV ads that told you it would do everything for you?

What happens when you go into the gym?  Usually it’s crowded, or there is some nut case there who looks like he’s been lifting weights since he was 4.  Perhaps there are people on all the machines, or the weight bench feels gross and sticky from the last fat slob who tried to bench his own weight.

If you are like me, you enjoy being active, but don’t have a ton of time to devote specifically to your fitness.  So you want to make sure you put very focused, effective time into your working out, so that you will achieve your fitness goals in the least possible amount of time.

So the question then is: what do you do?

I would suggest Fitness Together in Okemos.  Having a personal trainer walk you through your workout, and help make sure you are doing everything as effective as possible.  Their training studio is set up great for someone who wants to have a great workout, but doesn’t like it when people around could be watching them.  Each person has their own space they use, and there is a private shower/bath room to use when you are done.

It’s a great facility and you should definitely talk to Brian, the owner, if you have any questions about it.  You can find them online at the link below.


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