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Why do YOU Choose to Stay?

If you were asked ” Why do you chose to live in Michigan?”, what would you say?

Well I was sent an email that contained a link to the Pure Michigan campaign’s website where you could answer that exact question. http://www.puremichiganliving.com/choosemichigan/

Here’s what I said.

When asked “Why did you stay?” from a friend, or co-worker asking me why I graduated from Michigan State University, and ended up living & working in Lansing Michigan my answer is simple.  “I love it here.”

To an outsider Michigan may seem like it is stacked wall to wall with abandoned factories, run down people, and a few farm fields.  I see incredible opportunity.  I see a laundry list of experiences we can have.  All someone needs to do is watch one of the Pure Michigan ads to see beautiful places to travel to.

Not to mention the people in this state.  When I interact with people every day around the greater Lansing community I hear values of business people just wanting to help, professors eager to teach and develop students, young professionals eager to launch into new ideas and fields, and many other great types of people eager to serve.  This state has a backbone to it.  A Resolve that will not break.

I look forward to a time when I can raise my family here in Michigan.  A time when I can take them to see the great lakes.  When we can camp ‘up north’.  When I can walk through a safe community that I am glad to call home.

It’s those values, those natural resources and the experiences that are available all around us that drew me to stay.  In my humble opinion, it would have been foolish for me to go anywhere else.

What would you say?   Click here to answer for yourself: http://www.puremichiganliving.com/choosemichigan/

(and leave a comment below because I am curious)

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