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April 15th is creeping toward us…Ick! What is your gameplan?

I’m baaaack!   2010 has started with a bang, and so life as we know it has been offline much more than I intended lately.  I feel bad, that I have been leaving you all high and dry with only one post in 2010 so far, and that was on 1/1/10!  Not to mention, I have had less blog hits this whole year so far, than I had in some hours last month…  Anyway,  Read on!

The dreaded day that All Americans dread dealing with is fast approaching. Tax day. Anyone who earned a buck or two in 2009 has to tell Uncle Sam what they have been up to over the last 12 months. (Otherwise men in dark suits looking like the blues brothers will spring up out of the ground and impose their initials on you:  I, R, and S).

So what do you do about getting all your stuff ready and get your taxes done? Well some of you who will read this will be the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ type. You are someone who uses turbo tax, or taxcut software, or whatever package to do your own taxes. If your life is that simple 1. I am jealous, and 2. awesome! If your thing is to do your own then this referral isn’t so much for you.

I would suggest that you sit down with a CPA to have them prepare your taxes with you/for you. Some things are just too complicated and time-consuming to do yourself. This is one of them. It may cost a few bucks but you will be VERY happy you had a CPA prepare your taxes when it comes time to deal with an Audit.

Who should I go to? Well, If you are in the greater Lansing area, I would say, head over to Okemos to see R. Joshua Girth, CPA of Flintoff & Klein CPAs. You can reach Josh at 517-347-0330, OR email him at jgirth@fk-cpas.com

The biggest tip I can offer though, is DON’T Procrastinate!

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