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Simple to use, beautiful to see, a must have philosophy for the iPhone

Happy Monday morning everyone!  I hope your week is off to a productive, and enjoyable start!

Today I want to highlight what I think is one of the coolest small businesses I know of.  The Business is called Bickbot.  They are an iPhone application developer.  Their whole way of looking at designing applications for iPhone users is to just keep everything very, very simple so that the user can immediately understand how to use, and benefit from the application.  Then instead of making it plain and boring looking, they really get the creative juices flowing, and design very elegant, visually enjoyable designs to go onto the application.  Plus they are from Metro-Detroit which makes them even cooler by default.  It IS possible to still be alive and well in Detroit.  Take that national media!

Bick bot's Strokes iPhone App

Bickbot's Strokes iPhone App

They are like the Cadillac of iPhone app developers.  I have had the pleasure of seeing one of their most popular applications, Strokes, keep my score in a round of golf before, and instead of just being a boring score card and a stroke counter, you get a rich wood finish and what looks like leather trim.  It really is a good looking app.

You can find bickbot online at: http://bickbot.com/

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