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A Slave Made Free, In This Day and Age?

No I’m not talking about someone in bondage working constantly for another human being. I am speaking of a speaker and coach I know who helps people who are slaves to a whole different master: Sugar.

His name is James Hahn II and he started the company Slave 2 Freedom. He helps people over come the mental hangups that come with battling obesity in people that are sugar sensitive. He has helped people shed pounds like they are clothes that are out of style.

One of the best parts about James and his business and his vision is that he also applies the same basic principals to help sugar sensitive individuals kick sugar, to helping businesses grow and overcome roadblocks.  The perspective he takes on life is spot on and he very obviously has a passion for the work that he does for people.  That’s why he’s my referral for today.

He’s online at: Slave 2 Freedom

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