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A Natural and Safe Choice?

Well it’s been about a week and a half since you got ‘floored’ by my referral for flooring (See this Page ) and now you have the perfect new carpet through your house.  So what do you do to clean and maintain said carpet over time.  Well you could have a bunch of chemicals sprayed through it and scrubbed into your carpet, which is what most places would do.  If you have kids, or pets, or anyone in the house with allergies, or are sensitive to smells, I would suggest otherwise.

Today’s Referral is Natural Carpet Cleaning.  They work all around the greater Lansing area to clean carpets (and other floors) naturally.  They are actually safe to have around your family.  That’s cool.  You won’t walk into your house and smell a bunch or funky chemical scents left behind from traditional carpet cleaning methods.  The best part is that they don’t HAVE to clean a whole house, or even a whole room.  They can help with jobs as little as helping with a specific stain, or spill.

You can find them online at : http://www.cleaningfree.com/ or email the owner Ryan at ryan@naturalcarpetcleaning.biz

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