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Black Friday Madness? I think not…

All the people that are out and about yesterday and through this weekend are looking for the next ‘hot gift’ to give.  People are chasing sales, and fleeting trends trying to find a gift.  Well if guys are looking to get the ladies a timeless gift that doesn’t have to worry about trends or anything like that, check out H&H Jewelry Design in Grand Ledge.  They can help the ladies fill out their wish list of jewelry that they would like to see, and then the guys come in and just pick of their lady’s list.  It’s that simple.  Or you can go in together and design a perfect ring, or whatever else you have in mind.


The two owners have both been goldsmiths for 25-30 years and I’ve seen the on site shop where they do repairs before.  It’s impressive.  You name a jeweler’s tool, and i bet you it’s back there.  Plus, once you buy some nice diamond ring, you can always trust them to reset the diamond if you ever knocked it loose, or just clean up the ring and have it looking like new for special events etc.  Check them out!

Their website is: http://www.hhjewelrydesign.com/index.php

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